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Hollows: The EP and Single Collection CD

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All our music in one place! At least the singles and EP's! I think it’s a better way to keep new comers on what AV’s all about, easier for the listener and a better way to handle Planet of The Apes, Generic and Tr e s!*

1. Hollows 01:32
2. (Un)DeadBeats (Feat. The Stupid Stupid Henchmen) 03:41
3. Dub 1 (Take Me Home) 03:22
4. Jonathan Livingston 02:03
5. Burn 03:12
6. Part II: Generic 03:40
7. No, No More Pills! 03:48
8. Symptons of Our Trading System 03:09
9. Tr e s 02:50
10. Broken London (Feat. Body Lice) 02:21
11. Enough Is Enough (Feat. Night Gaunts & Riot Ska Chris) 02:36
12. Cara a Cara 01:16
13. Shattered (Feat. Dead Rejects & Suicide Victim) 01:55
14. Vampires (Feat. From The Cradle to the Rave) 02:41
15. The Sun Will Rise 02:31
16. I’m So Sick Of You 01:17
17. 555...Wait, What? 02:39
18. The Spectacular Failure of Wishful Thinking 03:08
19. Always Remember to Smile (Previously Unreleased) 02:10